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BBQ Grill Rental

We offer BBQ grill rental services in Summerville, Charleston, SC, and beyond. You can choose between our medium-sized or large charcoal grill for your event and cooking preferences.

City Grill Rental

Delivery and Setup

We’ll deliver the grill to your location and set it up, so you can focus on the cooking and fun.

Expert Guidance

Our grill masters and pitmasters are available to offer tips, advice, and even cooking assistance if needed.

Large Grill Rental



Enhance your grilling experience with our selection of fun outdoor cooking accessories such as charcoal, Bayou Classic Steamers, and even outdoor games to ensure everyone is having a great time!


Large Grill Sink

Our grills are thoroughly cleaned after each use. A proper hygenic grilling experience is what we offer.

Custom Packages

City Grill Rental and Delivery

We can tailor packages to fit the unique needs of your event, ensuring you have everything required for a successful cookout. The goal is to deliver on quality, as your satisfaction is our priority. 


Outdoor Grill Thermometer
Large Party Grill Rental
Massive Outdoor Grill Rental by Holy City Grill.



Shafi Keisler
Shafi Keisler
Thank you for supporting the races. Great food!!
Tabitha Snelgrove
Tabitha Snelgrove
Kentrel Whitmire
Kentrel Whitmire
Holy city grills hooked us up after the Cupid chase 5k! So yummy!
Cliffer Jennings
Cliffer Jennings
They hosted an event I attended. They were awesome...Their staff was great. That grill was massive 💯💯💯💖
chisus hamz
chisus hamz
delivery was excellent
Chukwuemeka Oguama
Chukwuemeka Oguama
Went to the U.S to see my friend.We wanted to host a BBQ party and only Holy City Grills came through with an impressive quality
Banji Amokeodo
Banji Amokeodo
Swift and fast delivery! I recommend
Marion Taylor
Marion Taylor
LISTEN!!! If you need a grill and somebody to cook the food, please call holy City grills. We had an event…. Some of us brought our own food and they were able to separate each person‘s food into a different bay and grill it. They have a grill that is 16 feet long, 6 different bays with a sink as well. If perhaps you’re in the need for a smaller grill, they also have different sizes as well too, our event had 250 people and when I tell you the food almost made me bite my fingers off, the staff was amazing and the grilling service was amazing. The word amazing is even an understatement. If y’all happen to be in the Charleston area and need a grill and a grill master, y’all please do yourself a favor and use them!! I promise you, they’ll surely take that off your plate!!! lol!! Trust me!


 Are you looking to rent a grill so you can cook scores of delicious meals for large crowds all at once? You’ve come to the right place. Book our grill today!

Book & cook

You’re probably on this page because you want to book a grill for your event. Holy City Grills is in business because our team wants to make that happen. Let’s do this!

We also partner with a local meat market to offer our clients great deals on meat and poultry. If you’re interested in a quote, please fill out the form below and specify what you would like, and the quantity. We would need your order at least three weeks in advance to ensure you have what you need on time.




How big is the grill?

Our charcoal grill is 20ft long, 10ft wide, 4.5ft tall. It comes with six bay areas, fully equipped to feed a crowd. We also have a medium-sized grill with two bays and a fryer. It also comes equipped with running water and a sink.

How does the sink work?

The sink is operated by battery. The battery must be turned off when the sink is not in use in efforts to preserve the battery life.

How many bays does the grill have?

The large grill has 6 bays.  The medium-sized grill has 2bays and a fryer.

How much coal do I need to purchase?

We suggest purchasing two bags of 16lb coals for each bay.

How many people can I feed?

It depends on the size of the food items on the grill. The Grill can hold enough food for about 50-100 plates in one use.

What areas do you provide service?

We currently serve Summerville and Charleston and the surrounding city areas.

Can the grill be moved?

Once the grill is delivered, it must remain in place.

Can I pick up the grill?

At present, we only have the delivery option.

How long does it take for the grill to cool?

It depends on the number of bays used. It may take more than an hour for the grill to completely cool.

Do we need to hire a chef or grill master to operate the grill?

This is not a requirement of Holy City Grills. However, the grill operator will be required to watch an instructional video prior to using it.